Is there anything that can be done from a store level to inform the cashiers that they’re selling into a negative? We have an issue whereby the stores are selling into negatives frequently for a few different reasons and it would be good for them to have visibility at store level, instead of only on warehouse level.

We believe it would improve business performance to implement an inventory management system that provides real-time inventory updates which help cashiers see the current inventory levels based on on-hand information in HQ and avoid selling products that are not in stock within the system. An alert/notification would also be a good indicator to the cashier that the specific item being sold has no stock available from the system and it would be necessary to be addressed prior continuation of the sale.

Under Review
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Thanks for your feedback. This is a great suggestion. We have added this to our backlog to be considered in a future release. - Boyce Zhu, Principal Product Manager, Dynamics 365 Commerce