Currently, prepayment invoice (printout) only shows the GL Account code which is not useful when we are sending the prepayment invoices to customers who requested for them.

They would like to see the items, quantities and unit prices shown as per the sales orders and posted sales invoices. This is also a request due to audit requirements from the customers' auditors to tie the relationship between the different documents using the details instead of showing a GL Account code that is useless to them.
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Thanks for your feedback. We will consider it for a future release.

Note: On the sales Order - in the Prepayment Fasttab at the bottom - you can choose to decompress the prepayment invoice, e.g. you will get one line in the prepayment invoice for each line in the sales order. It will still be G/L Account Lines though.

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The Posted Sales (Prepayment) Invoice document certainly presents issues for many of our customers. I am not sure if the same is the case with Purchase Prepayments so will focus only on the Sales function in my comments.

The need for the posting to G/L Accounts on these invoices is understood and I can appreciate that it should not be altered as explaining the subsequent posting to auditors, customers or users would be further complicated.

Perhaps the creation of the Posted Sales Invoice could incorporate a behavior similar to that when creating a Sales Invoice using the Get Shipment Lines function, which copies text to the Description field so as to provide an explanation as to where the Invoice line(s) originated. This may be the combination of one or many lines, depending on whether the Compress Prepayment was selected or not (I actually believe that this solution would add merit to compressing the prepayment). This description could refer to the ordered Item No., Quantity, Unit Price and Line Amount (possible discounts). This would not require any additional fields or change in posting and would support the required G/L Posting and necessary audit trail.

Note: This does not address the complications of Prepayments where amendments are required to the source document. This applies to both sales and purchases where warehouse handling can frequently disrupt this workflow.

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