After new feature was introduced - Restoring environments to a point in time in the past - Dynamics 365 Release Plan | Microsoft Docs

The outcome is to have lot of limitations and not possible to fully restore your environment from backup.

Well, in practice, there are two scenarios (copy environment, or restore environment). I understand the scenario when you need to copy or restore environment without some data (like without email accounts, or without job queue entries to be Stopped etc.)

What I am suggesting a new Idea / Feature request:

When doing environment copy or restore from backup, you should be able to choose for the destination environment, should it have all the data or just partial data.

Partial data is currently listed in Considerations and limitations - Restoring an Environment in the Admin Center - Business Central | Microsoft Docs and is working as current behavior (BC SaaS 19)

The business requirement for ERP is that you need to have "full backup" and ability for "full restore".

In some cases, organizations have lot of Job Queue Entries, or big number of email accounts etc., and therefore this data currently is skipped from restore. Meaning that you are not compliant with ISO and other industry standards since those also are part of core ERP.

So, please implement a feature, when doing restore, to also restore, ALL data / whole environment (SQL database in backend) without any skipping information as much as possible.

Thank you

Ideas Administrator

Thank you for this suggestion! In 2022 wave 2 we have introduced an optional setting to environment restores to skip the cleanup of these integration settings as part of your restore. Please refer to the release plan for this here: Restore environments to point in time | Microsoft Learn

Best regards,
Business Central team