We have Data Entity refresh in D365FO > Data Management > Framework Parameters, this refreshes the data entities. 

Issue is when we have 1 error in entity the remaining entities are not refreshed, and the entity refresh activity stops. We know that apparently DMF uses the Label ID as a key to build the entity list... so if two entities use the same labelId, they will conflict. We cannot refresh other entities leaving the entities with same label exception and the entire refresh will end into error with duplicate label exception. 

However, it would be better if we can continue with refresh of other entities, leaving the entity in error and show it as info error log.

What I don’t understand is the fact that a validation should be in place by entity (and skip the one with issues) not to go without validation and when SQL is raising the primary key constraint error when the system try to insert the details about the second entity that has the same name. 

I’m not challenging the primary index constraint in SQL; I’m just challenging the logic that was used to refresh the entities without validating the duplicates and let SQL scream in case the unique index is violated. 

Ask: Continue with the data entity refresh with proper validation of duplicates while creating the custom entities with the same label-ID so that the error can be avoided later during the entity refresh.

Category: Data Management