When I create a new value for attribute type it appears on the end of list. If we use value like "ratio of gearbox" then after some time we have more than 50 different values. When I want to sort all of them numerically then every time I need to click Move up button. If I just created the smallest value of ratio then I need to move it up to the top and click many times. When I define item and want to choose correct ratio from the list I assume that all of the numbers are already sorted, but not every person want to spend time on it and just leave it on the end of list where I'm not looking for only going to add a new value and there I can see that we have it but it wasn't sorted. It happens also for other values of attribute types.
It would be great if we had possibility to sort all created values of attribute types numerically or alphabetically. Another option could be just drag and drop to the correct place.
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Beatriz Nebot Gracia

Program Manager, Microsoft



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