I have been investigating in detail the selection process for paying vendor invoices and find it lacking. Most of the needed components are there, but not in a combined manner.

Start with the Suggest Vendor Payments - this is a great tool - except for the fact that you have no way to select on mass specific documents based on anything other than global dimension 1 & 2, currency or date.

The situation I have is where you have a single vendor that has e.g. different payment terms for invoices. The payment terms drive the due date, and that is fine. But my customer makes a different payment - even if on the same day - for the different payment terms. Payment terms (or payment method or any number of other fields) is only available to select the vendor overall - not the individual document.

However, Suggest Vendor Payments is brilliant in that is picks up all document types - credit notes, journals with no document type etc. So overall, that is the most desirable way to create the payment batch - if you have options to extend the selection of documents.

So I found something about the Create Vendor Payments task and checked that out. In that list, you can restrict by e.g. document payment terms or document payment method - so it seemed like that might fill the gap - except that this window only displays invoices - no other document types.

So the components are all there - but in different places. The simplest thing in my mind is to extend the selection criteria in Suggest Vendor Payments to be able to filter by all the different fields that are available in Vendor Ledger Entries.
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We struggle a little bit with this route (see my other posts...vote for them!).

In your situation, we'd definitely split that vendor up between cards that correspond to their different services / payment terms. We do this with a couple customers, but we don't have a vendor-based example.

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