The Record tooltip is great, but primary key fields are only designed with an asterisk. This makes it impossible to figure out the primary key for tables like Job Planning Line and others where the key fields are the first ordered fields in the table.

This information is vital to be able to write a .GET statement.

Change the asterisk to a digit identifying the position, or add a dedicated primary key info to the window.
Category: Development
2022 Release Wave 2
Ideas Administrator

Thank you for logging this idea. In the upcoming 2022 release wave 2 we have added primary key indicators both in the record tooltip (this idea) as well as in the member IntelliSense for tables. The primary key indicator is a (PKx) suffix after the field type, where x is the order/position of the specific field in the primary key. You can already now try out this feature in the insider VSIX.

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