Hello team,

I would like to suggest an idea in regard to vendor payment advice.

Tested in a 10.0.38 in a standard environment (tested this behaviour in different environments)

When printing our vendor payment advice document, the toggle "use print management" always defaults back to "no".

When user toggles it to "yes" it should remain on "yes" for all the following print instances.


1- import the latest vendor payment advice (Excel) in the configuration from the global repository

2- go to accounts payable -> setup -> forms -> form setup

in there, choose "print management" (it appears in blue).

3- create the setup.

for this, under payment advice create a new one that will appear as Original

4- to the right configure the setup. Destination name Print on screen (you need to add it by clicking to the arrow in the right)

For this,

Name : print on screen

File component name: Vendor payment advice


botch checkboxes ticked V

Document type:Print management

Print management action:View,Print

5- In the setup where we were configuring the printing (outside of this menu) after adding the destination print on screen that we just added, add the report format : vendor payment advice (Excel)

Configuration finished.

6 - Now please go to accounts payable > payments >vendor payment journal

Choose print - payment advice (you can test this with standard vendor payments in a demo data)

7- a menu will appear to print this payment advice.

The use print management will appear as NO

8- change it to yes. then print

9- after you finish the first one, please choose another line. You will see that this toggle is back in NO.

This is the main change that it would be nice to see implemented , for that window to save the configuration

(This happens if you choose the same vendor, same line or different lines).

Other documents/print setup remember the last chosen toggle setting so we would like to see it implemented also for this one.

Thank you very much.

Kind regards