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Alerts are not on the list of deprecated features for Dynamics 365 for Operations, but they are currently not available. We've been told Alerts will be delivered at some point, but currently aren't scheduled for a specific release. We are using Dynamics 365 for Operations as a platform for building an operational construction project management solution. Alerts are a key foundational element of the solution. We initially started development using Dynamics AX2012 R3, but the Microsoft product team helped us upgrade to Dynamics 365 for Operations during the summer of 2016. Alerts were used pervasively in our AX2012 R3 solution. After the upgrade, we became aware that alerts are no longer available. We have a pilot scheduled for June 2017 and need alerts functionality. Please include alerts in the next update.

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Alerts with in-product notifications have been delivered; however, alerts that generate email notifications has not been enabled yet. 

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  • Friends, "Thanks" for your patience here. We are working hard to extend the Business Event & Data Tracking options available with D365F&O Apps which includes the Client Alerts feature. Based on your feedback, we're making email support for Alert Notifications a priority over other service integration opportunities.
    Check out the April '19 Product Release Notes for additional details including target delivery timeline.
  • It is crucial that alerts be able to send an e-mail notification. This has always been a strong selling point for AX.
  • We need alert functionality working in Dynamics. This is really helpful as in our business case, we have lot of supervisor who like to get notified over email.
  • When are email notifications from an alert going to be rolled out? It's frustrating for the user to see the option in the alert configuration only to find out it doesn't actually work.
  • Sure , the Alerts are there on Version 8.0 but still there are missing features , I would recommend to use Microsoft Flow to be activating between Dynamics 365 Operation and Outlook to generate all notification, events and triggers by business processes.
  • in 8.0 alerts are there now but with 2 missing features .. no SELECT button to put a filter on an alert. and ... worse... no way to click on the alert and go to the ORIGIN of the alert. That makes the alert almost unusuable. "new item has been created". but I have no way to know which item. This was a parameter in 2012 'go to the source of the alert'. hopefully this will be added still in some future upgrade?
  • Alerts was added in our PU15 update in our Sandbox environment. Unfortunately, they aren't currently working and I have a ticket open with Support to understand why the simplest of alerts (Record created, deleted in Sales Orders) isn't working. I do see that email notifications are not currently part of the solution even though you are given an option send the alert via email notification whilst setting up the alert.
  • They are in 8.0 version. I saw them. They are exactly what we had in 2012.
  • I see that Alerts is now available in version 8.0 (April 2018), but not yet updated my client environment, can anybody confirm
  • Hi, Refer the link given below on How to set Alert using Flow in D365.