Description of problem:
When a movement is made using the mobile device and the location the item is moved from only contains 1 item with one batch, (and one configuration in case of variants), the configuration and the batch number are automatically collected. You do not need to enter or scan the config id or the batch number. In case there are multiple configuration of the same item on the location, the config ID is not populated and you have to scan or enter the configuration. This is perfectly normal as D365 doesn't know what configuration needs to be moved.But if the location only contains one configuration and batch of the same item, but has a different item on stock as well, you also have to enter or scan the configuration or the batch. This is not logical as there is only one configuration and batch of the item you would like to move. 

select yourself a non LP location without on hand stock
Make sure a mobile device menu item has been configured for movements
select or create 2 items for example with configuration and batch as active dimensions
Create stock on the selected location for one of the items.
When you start a movement using the mobile device, scan the location. Now all details of the item is automatically collected and populated on the mobile device
Cancel the flow (so do not move the stock)Now create stock of the other item on the same location.
Again, start the mobile device flow and select the location. Enter the item number you would like to move
Now you have to enter all of the details of the item even if there is only one configID and only one batch of the item on the location.
The validation is only on location. It would be easier if the validation of multiple dimensions on hand should be on location and item as well.
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