The fixed asset module is missing a singel detailed report which includes the following:-

1. Opening NBV balance

2. Opening Acquisition Cost

3. Additions for period

4. Opening Disposal amount

5. Disposal for periods

6. Closing Acq. Cost

6. Opening Dep amount

6. Depreciation for period

7. Closing depreciation amount 

8. Revaluation for period

9.  Closing NBV


Users require the ability to run the report by Fixed asset (detailed) and summarised e.g. by Fixed Asset Group. The report needs be able to run by different "books" e.g. accounting and tax.  This report is required for every implementation we do. 

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By the way, I forgot to mention that the Fixed Asset Rollfoward report doesn't have GL account. So I still have to to index match manually to insert the GL column to tie it back to TB.

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We have that in our D365. It's called "Fixed Asset Roll forward" under Inquiries and Reports--> transaction reports. That's the one of the reports I insisted to have at the very beginning before deciding on D365.

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A report close to this requirement is included in the German localisation.

However it still needs some configuration (statement rows).

This could be helpful for this standard fixed asset report. The (former) so-called "Belgian fixed asset report" was also close to this and did not require any setup. So it is not required to invent the wheel several times and merge different approaches to a suitable solution. This reporting requirement has been a pain for several product generations and I am looking forward to have it finally solved.

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Thank you for submitting your idea.

All fixed asset reports in AX 2012 are available in Dynamics 365 for Operations. A report with opening and closing balances for a period by fixed asset group is available with the Fixed asset note report.

A detailed report by asset with opening and closing balances for a period is a suggestion I hear often, and am planning to include in a future release. If you would like to give feedback on the prototype design for this report, please send me an email at saraschi@microsoft.com.

Sara Schilke
PM, Microsoft

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Just found it under Fixed Assets\Transactions Reports\.... all the reports are there! Use the Fixed asset balances report, or Fixed Asset Statement for what you need.

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Yes I am searching for the same type of report, we used to have the Fixed Asset Balance report we used to have in AX2012? Does anyone know if these reports will be made available in D365?

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