It would be useful to have an option for a Customer Voice Admin to set pre-defined dropdowns for users to select from.

For example, countries, units of measure, currencies, company products, company titles, company processes, events etc.

Ideally this could be integrated directly or through power automate with a range of reference data management tools. SharePoint TermStore, Azure MDM, Profisee, Salesforce Picklists, SPARQL server, or any open source output eg JSON.

Even better would be if selections could also have a display value (label or abbreviation) and a persistent reference value for storing responses, so labels could change for different audiences or evolve through time while referring to the same concept.

Centrally managed reference lists are essential for managing consistent data collection and analysing data across multiple domains. Particularly where an organisation operates across a range of locations or functions, with teams who may collect data independently.

Category: General