Companies often has different signing limits for vendor invoices related to a puchase order than cost invoice which often are more personal expense.

Unfortunately you can only select "Invoice" when you set iup signing limit policy under Organization administration > Setup > Signing limits > Signing limit pilicies - default signing limits.

The idea is to have two document types for invoice:

  1. PO Invoice (must have a reference to a PO)
  2. Cost invoice (don't have a reference to a PO - use procurement category on the pending vendor invoice line
Needs Votes



Implementing distinct signing limits for cost invoices and purchase order (PO) invoices within Dynamics 365 Finance is crucial for enhancing financial controls and operational efficiency. This differentiation allows for more tailored governance structures, reflecting the inherent risk and approval hierarchy differences between transaction types. Cost invoices, often linked to indirect expenditures or personal expenses, may require a different scrutiny level compared to PO invoices, which are directly tied to pre-approved expenditure frameworks. By enabling separate signing limits, organizations can ensure that spending authority is aligned with the nature of the expense, thereby improving compliance, preventing unauthorized transactions, and streamlining the approval processes. This adjustment not only increases the system's flexibility to accommodate diverse organizational policies but also supports better financial management and accountability.

Category: Accounts Payable