Currently e-mail messages sent to distribution lists or aliases are discarded by the E-mail Router with the warning "NoRecipientMatch" because the list or alias address is not known to CRM. We suggest implementing an additional setting on the Mailbox entity to specify whether the E-mail Router should skip/omit the recipient address check for this User/Queue and instead just copy the message into CRM. This would enable the E-mail Router to import all incoming messages to CRM regardless of the e-mail address(es) in the message (note that this also includes BCC messages!). This solution obviously does not work when using a Forward Mailbox with the E-mail Router, but it does enable more comprehensive incoming e-mail handling for critical mailboxes that are directly monitored by the E-mail Router.

For reference, there already exists an earlier, similar suggestion:
E-mail router should be able to handle E-mails sent via distribution lists

Ideas Administrator

we are not enhancing email router any longer. Thanks for the feedback. if this applies to server side sync, you can file a separate request.