In most query tools today you can have multiple values in a single condition. When building out workflow for GP, we often use the requested by field and have to repeate the conditions several times if there are more then one user.

For example:

Amount < 5000 and Requested by = Rklaproth
Amount < 5000 and Requested by = Jsmith
AMount < 5000 and Requested by = Mjones

It would be MUCH easier if we would do it this way:

Amount < 5000 and Requested by = Rklaproth, Jsmith, Mjones

Basically when creating a condition, the system would look if you have a comma and another value and treat it like a unique operand.

In SQL for example we can do this:

Select * from RM00101 where custnumbr IN ('rklaproth', 'jsmith', 'mjonees') AND city = 'San Diego'

And SQL will return those 3 customer numbers if they are in San Diego.

So, having this in the workflow condition editor would be very helpful, and also even allowing us to copy and paste a SQL query into the condition editor would be even better.

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