“We had raised a ticket in March of this year regarding Write Off journals not balancing properly when writing off a transaction. TrackingID#2203100040008894. This issue still applies to our client and is reproducible through our environment, even though this was marked as not reproducible in the issue search. we would like to re-escalate this ticket as this continues to be an issue for our client.”

Customer submits the cancellation process for a transaction (that was partially paid and still has a balance amount) and was posted from a General journal instead of a Free text invoice or Sales order invoices... In these cases, the WriteOff journal lines are created with different amounts between them (Customer Line with Balance Amount and Ledger Line with Total Transaction Amount) and these lines should be to have the same amount between them (Customer line and Ledger line with Balance amount that is the same of remaining amount

No resolution was provided on this issue from Microsoft and we were recommended to create or suggest an Idea to Microsoft so that this issue can get resolved in future updates.

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