We would love the option to be able to auto-post after approval. So in the standard workflows, have the ability to post once approved.
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Thank you for your feedback. We need some more details to understand your suggestion better. Can you please help us by answering the following questions?
Could you please provide a clear business scenario where this is needed? 
There are different kinds of operations that may be executed by users after document is approved. As mentioned below converting a quote to order, different kinds of postings (receiving, shipping, invoicing...) which one of those you had in mind? 
Also this presumes user who approved the document has permissions / license to post the document which may not always be the case. 

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I've worked in large (33,000 employees) to small (60 employees) entities. Rarely have I seen the need for journal entries to be approved by one person and posted by a separate one. Typically, the only segregation needed is that the creator of the JE does not approve/post. While a separate "approve" and "post" step might be necessary in purchase or sales or purchase type transactions. For example, a sales person enters an order, a manager approves it as a "real" order and not a ghost order to meet sales quotas, and perhaps someone in accounting posts it; or a purchase requisition is placed, the budget approver (department manager, etc.) approves it, and perhaps a third party (procurement or accounting or ?) posts it.

However, it's rarely needed for strictly accounting functions on journal entries--accruals, reclasses, etc. Typically, a staff accountant will enter these, and an accounting manager will review and post. Thus, many systems I have used have the ability to "approve and post" simultaneously for journal entries. Going through these additional steps, particularly when other custom or forced options might prevent approving multiple lines in an entry, having to click through each set of lines for both approval and posting is really painful. We are configured where JE lines related to one of each of our 10 facilities must be approved individually (or the system is designed natively that way), even though the "more options" acts like one can "select more". We ARE able (upon recent discovery) to "post multiple entities", but it would be at least one step less to "approve and post", since going and finding the approved entries seems to be very painful.

I could also see a desire to have this option available for sales and purchase txns previously mentioned for smaller organizations.

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"auto post" after approval is important, the function already exist in Purchase and Sales Document but not General Journal Batch. we wouldn't want additional steps of user open the batch and do posting again.

Really hope this function can be added into General Journal Batch.

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Current workflows only allow auto posting when the final approver is using full license. However, most of the time, final approvers might just use Team Members license which does not have posting rights. That means the posting workflow will not work. We can only use job queue to replace workflows but using job queue as workflow has limitation e.g. when job queue gets into error, all subsequent approved documents will get stuck and not posted.

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Can't it be done via the Job queue???

For Sales Invoice and Purchase Invoice, it can be automatically posted via workflow.

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Requested already multiple times by our customers...

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Would be great to have the function to convert a quote into an order at the point of approval

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