It is quite common requirement in EU countries, that companies selling or consuming goods on the local market are obliged to prepare a package tax declaration for the Tax Office and pay package tax. If differs from country to country if tax is paid on sales/consumption or rather on purchase of such materials, but general approach is still similar.

I should be tool available that make it easier to prepare such declarations by:
• defining a package list,
• collecting data on inventory sales and consumption or purchase in combination with the defined package list,
• calculation and reporting on a package tax amount for the aforementioned transactions and items.

Such functionality, which added base data structure for keeping package information per item, and basic report for package tax calculation, was part of so called "EAST" regional layer for Eastern European countries for NAV versions 5.0 SP1 FP1 and 2009 (and in some cases later ones). A lot of Eastern Europe localizations still have such or similar functionality as it's deemed to be critically required by customers.
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Thank you for your feedback. We are considering adding it to our (longer term) roadmap.

Your help is greatly appreciated,

Aleksandar Totovic
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Majority of countries calculate nature tax on wood, paper, glass, metal, plastic; other classification is electric appliances based on their size; also dangerous goods or liquids utilized.

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