To switch from the pesky Woodford app to Field Service Mobile, I just need one more feature:
The expiring Resco Mobile App can switch between open work orders as a list or as a map view. This map view is great.
Use case: The service technician has completed his work orders in the early afternoon and is looking for another open work order in his area. Then he books it himself and drives there.
I know there are add-on's to solve this, such as those from Powerobjects, but that is not the same look and feel as the other functionalities from Field Service Mobile. Is there anything planned?
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We now support a Map view of Bookings within the D365 Field Service Mobile application.

Booking maps in Dynamics 365 Field Service | Microsoft Docs


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Definitely required also in the new app.
During the last weeks had many presentations - and very often got the question:
"After the service technician fulfilled his job earlier - is there an "Around Me" view on unscheduled or not yet fulfilled work orders...

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