-Unable to resolve the emails to account or contact when it is tracked in CRM.
-When goes to Sales | Activity | All Email | open the email that was tracked and click on reply
-Then we get an option to resolve it to account or contact.
-We do not get redir

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Hi Kamakshi,

Resolve to hasn't been working for ages - I have been running support case 116092991781541 without getting it fixed.

But hope is here now - I'm on Online, and it seems to have been fixed with the lastest patch. Go ahead and check it - I always use resolve in a recieved email when you see a red activity partner.


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Hi Kamakshi, Thanks for the feedback. However, i am not able to understand this properly, can you explain a bit more where the option of resolving email to contact is missing, Thanks Dileep Singh Program Manager

Category: Unified Experience: Search, navigation and performance