Wish there is a future option to easily account scorings for job title, job responsibilities, location, tasks, delegations, promotions, etc.. for purpose to evaluate layoff or termination proposals, individual conventional evaluations, or for purpose of up-promote a promotion.

Not featuring importance scorings of job title, location, responsibilities, tasks, approvals, decision makings, reports, inquiries, etc.. user may potentially not have enough basis to come to decision when promotions, layout, hirings, skill conversions, etc...
Ideas Administrator

Thank you for your suggestion.   I'm not sure what functionality is being requested.  Please provide an example and additional detail.  This posting is provided “as is” with no warranties, and confers no rights. 



REMARK: Not featuring accountability on scorings, as potential primary or secondary basis source of an evaluation, user may potentially feature accountability based on potential 3rd party judgement, own experience, rather then from evaluations, evironments, experience, etc..

Category: Organization management