Business scenario:
-The actual AP invoice of landed cost could be posted Multiple times, due to different situations like the vendor issued partial invoice.
- Given the fact that the option Multiple cost invoices = Accept

Challenges with the current design:
-In the current design, while posting the AP invoice the entire estimated cost price will be reversed and then to post adjustment with the actual cost. This could cause inventory fluctuations especially when it comes to adjustments at month closing.

-Estimated voyage cost of $100 has been posted and then the vendor issues a partial invoice of $30. In that case, accruals/Inventory will be reduced by $70 however it’s expected to be reduced only by $30 unless the user mentions that this is a final invoice (Mark a close option) so the entire amount should be settled.

Suggested design:
-This should be similar to the close function of the packing slip and product receipt posting. Initially, with partial invoice posting, the actual amount and estimated cost should be updated. So probably estimated cost should be (Initial estimated cost – Settled cost) and actual cost refers to the AP amount posted.
-And also like partial invoice scenarios of purchase order based on ordered quantity, not the product receipt matching.
Needs Votes