Firstly, we would like to be able to create questions based on any collumn (also customized, not just default) based on the customer asset table.
Secondly, we would like these questions to be automatically filled out on the inspection form, based on the collumns on the customer asset that is linked to the service task regarding the inspection. We would also like use the rules on the inspection to only show necassary other questions, based on the customer asset answers automically filled out there.
Lastly, it would be great if one would change the predefined answer to one of the customer asset questions, both the rule to show the other questions would be applied, as well as the customer asset to be automatically updated after completing the service task.

If this is too spesific, give administrators the ability to create own question types and create advanced logic in the inpection template. Resco supports this already, I hope Microsoft will follow on short term. This is a huge timesaver for the users and increases the quality of both the inspection as well as customer asset data.
Category: Inspections
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