The report "Finished items in process" was part of AX 2012 alongside with it's companions "Materials in process", "Work in process" and "Indirect costs in process". The latest three mentioned are still present in Dynamics 365, but the "Finished items in process" report is gone. It would be very nice if this report could be re-introduced to Dynamics 365. Also a report that breaks down the WIP accounts in GL into production orders with the labor, materials, indirect costs and reported as finished would be very welcome. In AX 2012 we had to combine the 4 above mentioned reports, even this is no longer possible.

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Thank you for your feedback.

This is a great suggestion! We will consider this in our roadmap.


Johan Hoffmann, Program Manager




I'd like to see an answer on this as well - we heavily rely on the Finished items in process report daily in AX2012 & our organization is in the process of migrating to D365. For one thing, it helps to identify orders that are only partially finished and where the report as finished box isn't checked. It also identifies orders that are completely finished but where someone forgot to check the report as finished box to flip the status.

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Please advise how to provide a detail of the WIP account in ledger if we do not have the reports mentioned here: Production order cost analysis - Supply Chain Management | Dynamics 365 | Microsoft Docstwo of the above listed reports, 'finished items in process' and 'in process production costing' were available in AX2012 but they are missing in D365FO. We need reports that can be run with an 'as of' date, do reconcile with the ledger balances at period end.I do not see these reports on the deprecated features lists nor on the list with AX2012 features that were postponed, so please explain why these reports are missing now and how we should replace them.

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