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Category: Lifecycle Services

When the full build completes through VSTS the package should get  uploaded to the shared asset library of LCS for the subscription . So that deployment can happen to multiple environment at the same time on a click.

Status Details

We have plans to incrementally support this. Some features for the short term. We are first working on providing VSTS build scripts that you can add to your build definition that upload "release candidates" to the LCS asset library.

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  • Having mistakenly uploaded the wrong package from my local hard drive to LCS (not once but TWICE now) and made an environment unusable, I need something like this to protect me from my own mistakes.

    And, of course, all the times I've had to do a build and deployment remotely over crappy internet?... When you're the only one in the organization who does this, and you're on vacation somewhere remote, suddenly you're spending hours sucking up crappy wifi (hope you can find it) instead of just clicking through a few pages of a web interface. That's if you don't care about all the times you're tethered to a computer in the evenings, too.
  • you can update us if something interesting has been found
  • This would be really appreciated

  • We find this idea more urgent, as Microsoft has decided to remove RDP Access to other environments than T1.

    We have an implementation project where the System Test environent has been set up as T2, for several reasons. We want to deploy new code from development to this environment every day, and as of now this is a manual process of uploading to LCS and then deploy, which also means downtime every morning during the deployment phase. We considered creating our own VSTS Release Management release to automate this process, but I believe this will be impossible when RDP Access is disabled.

    If we can have Release Managment tasks to upload artifacts to LCS and then deploy to a specified environment from LCS, it will be possible to implement this process.

  • I would also like to see this as a option, with some filtering etc.


  • YES
  • Absolutely a must-have for complete DevOps implementation for the D365O platform. Please make this happen.

  • I also would appreciate such an option. 

    Eigther an step within the build process to be able to do it or a possibility with an REST API to do that.

    At the moment i have fully automized our nightly build process with PowerShell (Start VM + build + store artifacts on Azure file share). Just the last step to also upload it to the shared asset library and / or automatically release to an Microsoft hosted Tier 1 environment (devtest) is not possible at the moment. 

    Best Regards Patrick

  • What I would like to see is that the Release Mangement feature would have tasks that allow fetching the D365FO artifacts from the LCS library as a source for the release flow.

    There is off course room for discussion whether VSTS release definitions would need pull packages from LCS or that LCS would get new functionality to drive releases from within LCS and have it hook into Release Management to do the work.

  • It's exactly what most need to automate the full process. Of course, having the chance of driving it by at least some parameters or, even better, by defining a more complete logic flow integrated with VSTS Release Management so that one may schedule releases for specific sandboxes.