Wish there is an option to easily maintain customer fulfillment voice speech business action confirmations (purpose of reference or guidance) and/or along with voice speech translations (e.g. in the event customer maybe a foreigner) for purpose of business activity, tasks or transactions confirmations or for purpose of (e.g. customer customer name voice matching, or other).

Featuring alternative or 3rd party translation equipment maybe optimum, however featuring option for voice confirmation or text guidance maybe optimum at time of voice history tracking, name search or filtering, or for purpose of visual business activity action tasks guidance or follow up. (easy when potentially dealing with foreign customers, or potential impaired users (e.g. hearing impairment, language impairment, or other))

REMARK: This item maybe duplicated and/or concurrent from customer commerce.

Under Review



REMARK: I meant customer service.

Category: Voice - Authentication & Fraud Detection