The total discount buttons at the POS do not currently honor the pricing flags of the items. In the case of our most recent implementation this does not meet the requirements.

The POS end users have the requirement to have a button to offer discounts for Employees, Crew etc. However they don't want this discount to be added on top of already discounted items. It was my understanding that the 'Total Discount' flag on the item would solve for this, however this is not the case. The discount is added on to any other discount applied to the items regardless of this flag.


  • Add a configuration option to the POS setup of these buttons on if it should honor the item setup discount flags or not.
  • Alternatively allow the POS discount buttons to apply a set Coupon code so the discount can be tied to that coupon where product validation would be honored.

Detailed Example:

In the current setup:

Item 1234 is sold for $7 because the item was on sale for $10 and the Employee discount button (Total Discount of 30%) was applied at the POS utilizing the Total discount button for employees. (Total Discount on the item is set to NO)

Desired Setup:

Item 1234 is sold for $10 and is not discounted additionally once the employee discount is applied because the Total Discount flag on the item is set to NO.

Current Workaround:

Utilizing coupon codes that cashiers have on a small printout taped to the POS terminal so that the discounts apply as desired. This does not solve for the case where an additional discount may be given at an open %. In this scenario the cashier must remember to remove the discount by line item before applying the blanket open discount % from the POS.

Under Review
Ideas Administrator

Thank you for the idea!  We will consider this in our product backlog and update the status of your idea if/when it becomes a planned or completed feature!