Within Data management's - Execution details - View staging details...there is no ability to SELECT ALL.  When correcting errors, you might want to:

1. filter on lines you want to update (ex:  Transfer Status of Errors)

2. then you want to SELECT ALL

3. then finally Bulk update

However, currently you cannot SELECT ALL.  You are forced to select one line at a time.  This is often not feasible when many lines to update. :-(

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Hello-- when processing records in staging table, the 'copy data to target' has an option to choose records with error or the ones selected by user. Have you tried those options? Fromt eh description of the idea, it seems this should suffice. If this does not, then pls send me an email at sunilg@microsoft.com with further clarifications so that, we can understand the ask better.




Agreed! This type of functionality would make the process much more efficient and valuable.

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I share this frustration. Thanks for adding the post, David. I wish I could vote up for this a dozen times! It seems like it would be a very easy UI change to make.

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