In several opportunities where short duration jobs are the norm, the client needs to be able to limit the number of visits per day or the total distance traveled per day. These are not objectives, these are hard constraints due to various regulations, some internal, some governmental (OSHA). This is similar to Department of Transportation Hours of Service regulations: https://www.fmcsa.dot.gov/regulations/hours-service/summary-hours-service-regulations The constraint determinants (i.e. max distance, max travel time, max number of visits) should be down to the individual (i.e. set at the Bookable Resource level) but derivable (preferably from the Resource Role - i.e. if the role is Long Haul Trucker, max travel time can be set to 11 hours and derived down to each Bookable Resource assigned to that Role); a value of zero (default) should indicate an unconstrained Resource (i.e. the constraint ignores that Resource).

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Regarding total travel distance/time, we heard some customer care about travel limit per booking instead of total travel per day, Boris, can you help clarify which one most of your customers needs or both ?

Category: Resource Scheduling Optimization