I noticed that the mechanism of clientcaching in USD is changed in version 4.1. Now there the caching part is in the roaming profile folder: %appdata%\Microsoft\USD. The extracted customizationfiles are located in the local profile folder: %localappdata%\Microsoft\UnifiedServiceDesk. 

At my current client our agents are working on a citrix environment where the roaming profile is available when the user is logging in on the Citrix environment again. The local-profile will be deleted. 
This is where the problem occurs and I think this is a bug in USD 4.1. When the folder of the extracted customizationfiles is gone, but the cashed configuration is still in the roaming profile folder, USD gives an error that it cannot find the assemblies. I would expect that USD extracts the customizationfiles when they are not available.

Is this a bug or are we missing something?

Kind regards
Sander Brugman

Under Review