I was designing a Customer Journey and when I´m done I tried to save it but as I was on the Detail Information form the field for name and the general tab was not there, so after a couple of minutes I was unable to save my work, please if there is a new record don´t let users to start design a new customer journey, because there is no way to save the work without loosing it first and start all over again. Check image https://mafs-my.sharepoint.com/:i:/g/personal/sergio_mafs_onmicrosoft_com/ETL0H6kN0uVPhd_951OyS9EB4JIRAzEXIziurSo_GWuXTg?e=wZ0cvl

Ideas Administrator

This has been fixed in February'2020 release. Insights form has been merged with information form which prevents such issues.