When I'm deploying a package to production I want to be able to see progress (or lack of progress).

Basically it's like this - let's say we have 5 hours downtime allowed for a package, but we know it normally will take 1.5 hours, and we've rehearsed it in sandboxes so we know roughly what to expect - but then 1.5 hours pass and it's still going - then 2.5 hours pass and it's still going, 4 hours pass and it's still going - we can't see what step its on (we can see a meaningless number only), or see if there's a failure SRE are dealing with for us, we're just waiting in the dark.

It is up to us to communicate with our teams and with our business - and we usually have our team waiting so they can configure new features and stuff when the update finishes, and we obviously want to do that as quickly as possible, to have the minimal downtime possible, but not knowing what's going on makes that really hard.

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