Working with extensions which have dependency on other extensions is currently not very easy. For example if we have a "main app" and a "test app", then in order to republish our main app, then we first have to unpublish the test app. Not only is there no way to do this from VSCode (except than writing a Powershell script and run it), but really slows down the test - development cycle when doing test driven development. My hope is that that the AL extension would be able to handle this automatically. With the option that it also re-publishes any unpublished extensions, so that it would be possible to quickly rerun the test that failed before.

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Thank you for your valuable feedback. We have decided to deliver this idea and make it available with Business Central 2019 release wave 2.  

Learn more about what's new and planned in the release plan here:

When working with projects in a workspace, the dependency graph will now be "walked" on deployment, and extensions uninstalled/reinstalled automatically. If the project you deploy is depending on other changed projects in the workspace, those will be deployed as well. You will have influence on this, i.e., there is support to just swap out a single extension as well (ignoring deploying changes in other projects/extensions). This allows you to roundtrip on e.g., test and product extensions.

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What About this Suggestion:
The add the unpublish action for test-apps to the lunch.json of our AL-Extension like this example:

Category: Development