-Uses multiple work order product with line statuses both- used and estimated (they have like 50 lines in it) -As when we close the work order with Status- Closed-posted, it automatically generates invoice, in which only the lines with used line status are involved (which is by design) -Expecting D365 should throw some error/notification if there are any lines which are in estimated state (which will not be considered in invoice as they are not marked as status- used), when the system status for work order is changed to Closed- Posted. Which will enable their technicians/users to put forward all the lines and costs associated with it and it will ultimately involved in invoice which is created.
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Thank you for your feedback.

While we can definitely understand how this scenario would make sense for a handful of customers, for many of our customers, they have no itention of marking every line as used or removing lines in estimated status. Through the use of the Incident Type entity, Field Service enables the addition of a number of WO Products and WO Services. Our expectation is that these are not used every time but that they may be used in fulfilling work of this type.

Ultimately, we think this would add burden to many organizations and, at this time, we don't think this aligns to our general understand of our customers' scenarios. That said, we think it is a great idea for a customization for certain implementations, assuming they intend to use all of their WO Product and WO Service lines or they intend to remove/deactivate them.

Thanks, again, for your feedback. Keep the good ideas coming.

Jason Cohen
PM, Dynamics 365 Field Service