The warehouse app allows t he Report as Finished and put away for production orders. The default value of "end job" parameter = "no".
This is unlike the D365 mothership where the default is "yes".
One can safely say that the vast majority of discrete manufacturing companies and certainly the make to order engineer to order companies only use "no" rarely. Most of the time I RAF the quantity of the order and I am done. The mothership D365 seems to understand that. For some reason the app has the other default which creates unnecessary clicks. Especially in ETO, most order quantities are 1 EA. Every time I have to flip to "yes" , end job.
This is not acceptable. The default has to change to "yes". Or make it a parameter! and one nice refinement would be this: if the order quantity = 1 EA, the parameter necessary flips to YES.
Needs Votes