Please add a History List and Favorites Bar similar to what Microsoft provides in the Edge browser. Often times I will accidentally exit out of a window/report/document I'm working on only to have to go through the arduous task of navigating through the menus/search bar to get back to it, which can be difficult if I don't remember exactly the name of the report/window I was in. A history pane would allow me to simply click on the last window I was in to get back.
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Thanks a lot for this interesting suggestion.
We will consider this for the future updates.

Blazej Kotelko, PM
Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central



I'd add some general context to this request that I'm not sure is dealt with elsewhere.

1) Alt + Q works okay, but because it disappears when you make a selection it creates situations in which you have to constantly retype if the wrong selection was made. In general we need better contextual memory.

2) Knowing the last 5 records that were edited/created by yourself and potential by others (in a stream) - allows you to quickly go back and check work. This is especially important in the context of posting/corrective actions - where you easily lose what you were just working on and it disappears from lists.

3) The ability to select favourites goes ahead the hard wiring of the role centre, but for small businesses with more fluid requirements it actually makes the tool fit more like a glove. After all you can access everything from Alt+Q, but you have to keep search for it again.

Category: General