Requirement here is to create cycle count work for only one item which is selected (Warehouse management > Cycle counting > Cycle count by Item ) but when selecting the item , cycle count considers other items also. for example: If the item number "ABC" is on Location " XYZ " and location " XYZ " also consists item number " PQR" then when selecting the item number " ABC " for the cycle count by item. Cycle count work consider item number " PQR " also Expectation here is consider only item number " ABC "

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The process of only counting certain items in a location is supported using Cycle count plans - see documentation here for more information:

Partial location cycle counting - Supply Chain Management | Dynamics 365 | Microsoft Docs


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It would make sense to add this delineation. The reason it works as it does today is really that cycle counting is set by location, not item. Yes you can use the item to select the location, but if that inventory is moved out of the location before the counting work is completed, the count will remain for the location (for another item or empty location). I think cycle counting could use plenty of work to make it useful for more than randomized counts. Specific counts for finance or EOY full inventory are not is inline with the way the cycle count function works.

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