If the plan is not retire Business Central at some point its critical to update CRM in a way what makes it at least usable.

Managing opportunities from one stage to another and managing tasks is complex. Changing opportunity stage should be max. 1 click or drag and drop operation (kanban) - what we have today is not intuitive, efficient or user friendly.

ps. using Dynamics Sales CRM instead is not good option as of today due requires massive amount of development to use. To make complete and proper quotations you need most info you have in ERP related to accounts and items (posting groups, taxes, costs, vendors etc.) but this is not supported by Dynamics Sales and needs to be developed. Also need to consider that many companies do not sell off the shelf items only but every opportunity can be "project sales" instead-

For some reasons most Sales/CRM systems consider that Sales Quote It's not a legally binding or ERP document but rather a formal notice of the estimated price. This is WRONG (at least in EU)! And this mis-definition of quotes creates bunch of issues when systems where quotes are generated are not designed to consider this.


For example, with government customers and especially procurements – sales quote is legally binding. Means that if offer is made and bid deadline has passed – by law company must sign contract if customer accepts quote during its validity time. If company refuses to sign contract, then usually different penalties (often financially heavy) by law can be applied (per EU directives and laws).


Similar situation is with retail customers (in many countries) – if quote is made and customer accepts it, its kind of sales contract where terms were agreed. So, its binding document and it makes allot sense also as what’s the point of making quotes if they don’t end up in actual transactions.

So as a summary - if quote is sent out with "base info" and allot data missing, it can come back and cause trouble. Wrong tax rates, missing vendor data, costs, hs codes or other settings will affect whole process.

Its also questionable why government procurements and transactions are not well covered in sales systems.