The LCS version capability for the asset library is a step in the right direction, but it has limitations.  Some useful additions would be:

  • Ability to add/edit version description

  • Release notes can only be added when the file is added, you need to be able to provide the ability to add/update release notes, even after the file has been uploaded

  • Ability to be able to delete a version (in case the file was initially incorrectly selected to begin with).

Further to this, the ability to delete assets which are no longer in use is a requirement, otherwise your asset library simply continues to build up with irrelevant assets.  If I have an asset for 7.1, then load a new asset for 7.2, the old asset is no longer relevant when all environments are at 7.2, and as such, it should be able to be deleted.

Another example - I deploy an asset to a PAYG environment (to test/demo), then delete the PAYG environment, the asset can't be deleted, even though it's no longer relevant.  Irrelevant items in LCS asset library gets confusing.  Basic cleanup functions of LCS need to be allowed by those administrating the library.

Under Review
Ideas Administrator

We have partially addressed your idea. We now allow customers to delete assets. For the part around allowing customers to modify release notes and version description, will review with the engineering team and get back. 



It is also limited to "Shared Asset Library". There is no support on the projects "Asset Library" itself. It would be nice to be able to use versions even at the project level.

Category: Lifecycle Services