When configuring and applying the Loyalty scheme, the system does not take into account a minimum treshold when redeeming earned loyalty points. Instead, it takes the ratio between the points and the currency.

For example, let's say you define that 1000 reward points gives you $10.
EXPECTED RESULT: Would be that for each tranch of 1000 points you'll get $10.
ACTUAL RESULT: Is that you can even pay with a couple of cents and the system will calculate the ratio between points/currency and deduct the points. So you are allowed to pay with $1 and the system will redeem 100 points.

Given the fact that there are already 4 decimals available in the redemption rules allows you to specify it on a really low quantity/currency level. So that should never be an issue.

The REQUEST is to make the functionality of the redemption rules similar to the earning rules where the amount/currency is seen as the minimum treshold.
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Thank you for the product suggestion! We will continue to monitor this idea and the votes to determine if it will be given a position in our backlog.  -Holly Haines, Principal Program Manager



Following up on this request. The minimum treshold can also be interpret as a "tranch"
For example: For each XX points you will get YY $/€
- For each 100 points you will get 1$
Expected result: Pay loyalty 0,5$ > error; Pay loyalty 1$ > 100 points; etc..

Category: Customers and Loyalty