The following steps are performed on a US Business Central SaaS tenant.
A. Ensure that you have a Vendor with two or more Posted (but unpaid) Purchase Invoices, and one or more Posted (and unapplied) Purchase Credit Memos. (My Vendor 30000 has two unapplied (outstanding) Posted Credit Memos for 1608.24 and 500. My Vendor 30000 also has Posted Purchase Invoices in these amounts: 4380.80, 3584.92, 222, 464.43, 804.12, 1255.89, 1412.87. The amounts are not critical. Having a few transactions of each type with unique amounts is all that is necessary.)
B. Ensure that you have a Payment Journal batch which payments can be saved into. Mine is called CASH.

Repro Steps:
1. Navigate to the Vendor list. Drill down on the vendor in question to open the Vendor Card.
2. Click Navigate - History - Ledger Entries to open the Vendor Ledger Entries.
3. Highlight one of the outstanding Invoices (I highlighted the one in the amount of 4380.80) and click on the ellipse button, then click Select More.
4. Mark two additional lines--one Credit Memo (in the amount of 1608.24) and one Invoice (in the amount of 3584.92). Now three lines (transactions) should be marked.
5. Click Actions - Create Payment.
6. In the Edit - Create Payment page, ensure that the Batch Name is CASH or the batch which you created/verified previously.
a. Ensure that the Posting Date, Starting Document No., and Bank Account fields are populated.
b. Payment Type must be populated as well. Mine is set to Computer Check.
7. Click OK to apply the settings of the Edit - Create Payment page and have the payment created.
8. The Payment Journals page opens and displays the single line for the created. Review the amount of the payment journal line and then click Process - Apply Entries to see what transactions are being paid.

Expected Results:
The amount in my case is expected to be the sum of the two invoices 4380.80 +3584.92 =7965.72 less the credit memo of 1608.24 for a total of 6357.48.

When the Apply Vendor Entries is opened, it is expected that all three of the transactions (two invoices and one credit memo) will have the Applies-to ID populated with the Document No. from the Payment Journal line.

Actual Results:
The amount in my case is only the sum of the two invoices: 7965.72.

The Apply Vendor Entries page shows the Applies-to ID populated on only the two invoices. The credit memo does not have the Applies-to ID populated.
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