Typically a planned prod order, after firming, is created in the scheduled status. This means that any subcontracting PO has already been created. It will be line line PO just for this one prod order.
Most customers don't want that. They have a lot of subcontr work they want to combine in one multi line PO.
The system will do this when you firm a bunch of planned prod orders at the same time.
But how do I know which planned prod orders have a subcon operation and what is the vendor for that
WE NEED VISIBILITY OF THE SUBCONTRACT VENDOR in the Planned prod order grid. Then we can sort.. and firm together.! and bingo we have our multi line PO without customization.
This requires a sortable vendor field on the prod order and I know it is a problem if I would have more then one subcon operation. that does happen too.
But I suggest we ignore that more rare scenario and create a solution for the planned prod order that have a service item wiht a vendor in their BOM. We want to display that vendor on the planned prod order grid.
Needs Votes