This is for D365 for OPS

For years I have tried to get customers to get used to the "hovering" feature in AX, when a record key shows, like an employee number, or a vendor number, and nothing else, I said 'hover to see the name'.

This is a feature that is in many place in the system. It seemed useful upon first sight during presales but I think I speak on behalf of many that the feature never has caught on. What customers crave is that the system simply and consistently displays the name of the record next to the id. I  do not want to see just a vendor id, or just an item id, or just an employee id. Some veteran users may recognize a number but the majority of users would not. Hovering becomes un-necessary if we follow this simple guideline throughout the entire system. Next to an id, show the name. Example 1: I have a project , I assign a project manager. I want to see the employee number and the employee name.  Example 2: I have planned purchase orders. I see a vendor id. next to the vendor, I want to see the name.

Instead of making the screens "too full" as some might fear, this will actuallyl makes the screens instantly more intelligible. The screens actually talk my business language that is how I talk about things with my collegues. I talk about items using their names, I talk about vendors using their names. I do not talk Vendor id's or item ids/ So I say, let's leave the hovering to drones and helicopters and lets' plan for a solid improvement in all the AX screens that refer to data via a hyperlink. : display the name of that data element. Always.