Having the future option to be able to generate and print a customer commercial invoice after customer completes and generates bill of lading may future be helpful with following fields: 0. Page number and number of pages. 1. Shipper-Exporter 2. Consignee 3. Notify party 4. Commercial invoice date 5. Commercial invoice number 6. Customer PO number 7. Date of export 8. Country of origin 9. Bill of lading number 10. Final destination 11.Carrier 12. Terms of sale 13.Terms of payment 14. Freight type 15. Marks notes 16. Quantity 17. Description 18. H.S. Number 19. Unit price 20. Total price 21. Sub-total 22. Handling 23. Freight 24. Misc. charges 25. Total Option for text on footer.

Ideas Administrator

Appreciate you taking the time to feedback. We however do not have any plans to provide this support for SCM Sales and Marketing.