Enable user to customize 'Conversation' entity.
There are a lot of business industry in real world, for example: automotive, banking, insurance, healthcare, etc.

The problem is, on current environment, Conversation entity cannot be customized. And Agent need to check related information from selected Account or Contact.

For example on Automotive industry:
When agent select Account or Contact, and Agent need to know their related Vehicle so agent can actively give information to the customer.

For Insurance industry:
When agent select Account or Contact, Agent can see their Insurance Policy.

With this idea, agent can focus on the same screen without need to open new tab. You can imagine if one agent handle 5 customer at one time, s/he need to open up to 10 screen to handle the chat to get the related records.
Also agent can start and finish all task on one screen only.
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We need to customize Converstation view to. Add more important fields to view

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Hi Dafid,

Thanks for sharing your feedback. While the conversation entity is not completely customizable today and we are aware of the gaps, there are a few ways in which the related information can be added to the customer summary form for the agent to review. For instance, you can customize the account or contact quick view forms to display related vehicle information. The quick view forms are not editable and hence, the agent will need to open the main form for the account to edit vehicle information.



Category: Omnichannel for Customer Service