It is possible today in Field Service to create Requirement records with child Requirement Details. This allows planners who operate within a set of working-hour constraints (defined on the Work Calendar) to book multiple Resources across multiple Days for a single requirement, which is a massive selling point for the Day's Scheduling Board. Unfortunately this functionality does not appear to be available on the Field Services Primary Requirement. If I create a second Requirement on a Work Order, then specify a From/To Date and Allocation Method on the Requirement, this creates the child Requirement Details required to create the Multiple Bookings over different days. However this does not work on the first requirement on a Work Order (the Primary Requirement). The Requirement Details are not created on the Primary Requirement (even though the Primary Requirement carries a Work Calendar, From-To Date and Duration from the Work Order). Perhaps this is because the Allocation Method is not applied to the Requirement record when it is first created.... Please can this be fixed/addressed (as it seems that Field Service is missing out on some great functionality here) Thanks! See Dan Gittler's post below for further context: https://cloudblogs.microsoft.com/dynamics365/it/2017/10/16/blog-post-july-2017-update-for-field-service-and-project-service-automation-universal-resource-scheduling-part-1/?source=crm#Specifypattern

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Hi Andrew,

Thank you for your feedback. We need some more details to understand your suggestion better. You are right in your assumption, when a work order is created the Primary Requirement created with out an allocation method, which is why no Requirement details records are generated. However, it once the primary requirement of the work order is created, the Requirement details creation is still supported by creating new ones in associated 'Requirement Details' grid view or Specify Pattern itself. 


Vinay Nalam,

PM, Microsoft