A common practise is that customers earns a value check or coupon from being a loyalty member, they earn a certain amount of points and they get converted to a coupon. At the time of sale the cashier can see the open coupons when adding the customer and when the coupon expire.

A functionality to meet this demand would be appreciated.

A redeem function and loyalty parameter to convert points to customer specific coupons, the ability to see them (value, expire) and easily choose the coupon at the POS.
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I've seen the same business process at various retails. You accumulate loyalty points and over time there is a type of "batch redemption" process were all customers receive a currency amount for their accumulated points.

This currency amount is also some type of check which could be either a coupon or credit memo in D365. A gift card doesn't seem to be a valid candidate here.

This means that there should be some type of process in place to convert reward points in loyalty cards to a tender type AND issue it to the customer. Also, an expiration date functionality for the converted tender should be in place.

Category: Customers and Loyalty