When I Send a mail from Dynamics, using Dynamics email activity, it is not possible to choose the email 1, email 2 or email 3 of the recipient.
An interesting evolution would be to let this choice to the users, 2 ways are possible:
1. Simple way for Dynamics Product development team : on the "mailto" button let the choice to use "mailto:" or to use embedded Dynamics Email activity.
2. More sophisticated way for Dynamics Product development team : From within the Email Activity: Timeline, click + Email. In the new email form , inside "At" and "CC" and "CCI", when adding a Recipient, a dialog or a control should let me choose the email 1 or email2 or email3 or any custom field of type email, I should be able to read the value in email1 email2 email3 as well as the label of the email (if email 2 is labeled Business Email, I have to read it).
Thank you

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