Links in emails should be tracked via UTM. Our links dont consist UTM tags what means we are not able to see them in google analytics. We want Dynamics for Markting to create an automatic UTM Generator or a posibility to automatically generate UTM

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Thank you for your feedback.

This idea is currently under review.



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Well, it looks like it was included in 2023 Wave 1.

I read that its Real-Time Marketing only which renders it useless. The real-time designers and features are still lacking parity with outbound.


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The status for this is planned for 2022 RELEASE WAVE 2

Did it make it in as planned? I can't see it in the release notes.

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Managed to shoehorn this in by adding UTM fields to the email table, editing the email form and creating a flow which scans the entire mail for URLs after saving, adding these UTM-fields. It works OK, but I'd rather have som officially supported way of doing this!

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Any update on this? We urgently need this.

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What is the update on this request, please? Haven't seen a response since Dec 2020. Please advise. Thank you.

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If this is not included as a feature I wont even consider Marketing as a newsletter provider for us. It is very basic functionality in a vast number of newsletter providers. This and a few other thinks have made me think again though it would help extremely to have all systems in and around Dynamics 365.

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We would like that, too. It is assumed to be a standard feature by many customers.

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We had a similar requirement in one of our projects. We were able to integrate Google Analytics parameters into Marketing emails by using the following solution (published on AppSource): https://appsource.microsoft.com/en-us/product/dynamics-365/flumericssolutionsgmbh1622830595879.flumerics_utm?flightCodes=utmpreview2021&tab=Overview.

The customer is very happy about the integration.

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Agreed - this is essential for marketing teams to understand ROI and every client expects this out of the box.

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Any status updates? I totally agree, this is must-have feature and highly appreciated.

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