Please add the ability to start or create a general journal entry from inside the Excel add-in.  Currently users are required to create a journal batch in 365 so the system will assign a batch number, then you launch Excel.  The batch number is passed in to Excel.  Why can't we skip that step and have Excel generate the batch number?  The same concept applies to vendor invoices and other transactions that can be performed in Excel.  

My clients are asking for this. 

Under Review
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Thank you for your feedback. We are considering adding it to our longer term roadmap. 

Your help is greatly appreciated, 
Mike Borg Cardona
Program Manager, Microsoft 



I think this can be resolved by introducing a dynamic filter on table columns. The Ledger journal trans entity can be filtered on Ledger journal table entity. The ledger journal can be created as follows (part 2), the problem is that the ledger journal trans filter isnt updated. I believe if the ledger journal trans journal batch number can be linked using Excel values or a plugin column reference, this would solve the problem and can be usefully in a ton of other business scenario's.

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